10 Best Beyerdynamic Headphones in 2022

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Bluetooth – Most Beyerdynamic headphones are wired, so if you’re looking for Bluetooth capabilities from your new pair of Beyerdynamic headphones, your options will be much more limited. While wired headphones have fewer latency issues and often better sound quality, you cannot beat the convenience and versatility of Bluetooth.

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Beyerdynamic Headphones Buyers Guide:

Open Vs Closed?

A closed back pair of headphones feature ear cups which are sealed around the back directing the audio solely to your ear canals, the audio is deemed slightly synthetic sounding as the elimination of ambient background noise, makes processing the audio seem less natural sounding to your brain. Closed back headphones block out the background noise which many prefer when they are listening to their personal playlists, they also mean no-one hears what you are listening to unless you are listening to silly volume levels, which you ought not to. Closed headphones can be too intense for long listening sessions, and they typically have higher SPL’s.

Open back models, give you a more natural variation they allow you to hear how the audio sounds in a space, as though it were being performed, they highlight directional sound which has been recorded and panned to a specific channel, and you experience it in a more multi-dimensional sense. Though for some open-backed headphone are too airy or soft, the bass less impactive. They are safer for those out and about to keep an awareness of their surroundings, but the music you are listening to is somewhat audible to others which can be a disadvantage in the eyes of some.

Semi-open sets offer a middle ground, they give the same spacious capabilities as an open set but have a bit more focus.

Headphone Styles

Other phrases that get thrown around when we talk about headphone styles, so here’s a quick summary.

Portable headphones which are less cumbersome than some chunkier headphone set.

Home headphones which as the name suggests are ideal for listening in the comfort of your humble abode.

Studio reference headphones which are optimized and enhanced for more critical listening and designed to handle higher outputs, bigger spectrum workloads and of course to handle more general wear and tear as they are at the end of the day a work-horse.

What are Beyerdynamic Headphones?

We get asked this one frequently because some confuse the brand name with a headphone style. Now it is fair to say Beyerdynamic certainly have their own style but a Beyerdynamic headphone is simply one, designed and manufactured start to finish by the masterful crafters at Beyerdynamic.

Are Beyerdynamic Headphones expensive?

As with most audio products you will find that the major brands will offer several different series each aimed at a different consumer group. So, whether you have the cash to spare or a more restrictive allowance you should find companies as esteemed as Beyerdynamic have got you covered.

The models we have looked at today span across a price range of $150-$500 with the exception of the 2nd gen audiophile set (at around $750), the which we think is a fairly reasonable cross-section of Beyerdynamics more accessibly priced models that offer the highest levels of respective quality.

Though they do stock cheaper alternatives that are slightly less advanced as well as much more expensive boutique combinations with next-level audiophile sonic ability.

Online prices are inevitably subject to frequent fluctuations but to give you a clear idea, the variety of Beyerdynamic headphones available are all priced below the $2100 mark with their most expensive pair sitting just below the cap and their cheapest entry-level set coming in at around $60.

This is of course solely in reference to their actual over-ear Headphones as Beyerdynamic make a multitude of in ear-bud models which start as low as $3, as well as some sweet gaming headsets.

Are Beyerdynamic Headphones worth it?

In our expert opinion, yes pretty much all of their headphones over the $150 mark have exceptional engineering and superb drivers which outperform most similarly priced sets. The higher-end models are simply put mind-blowing. The level of detail in their analytic reference sets is beyond what most people can comprehend if they have never had the pleasure of using a professional quality pair.

There is some competitively priced high-end model which are on-par with theirs but they will still be a similar sized investment.


Beyerdynamic stock some stunning audio headphones, we have highlighted a broad selection of their Dynamic Tesla designs to give you a good sense of exactly what each series brings to the table. In essence, the circuitry and core components of all of the products reviewed in this article is driven by the same Tesla field concept. They all have exceptional driver performance and they each serve up broad spectrum audio.

Decide your preferred listening style and mull it over along with your sound requirement this should help you to narrow down whether you need open or closed back headphones (or indeed semi-open). Once you have your style chosen it is a matter of weighing up value for money, the quality of audio really is only affected by your budget.

Expert Tip

The mid-price set is worth their weight in gold, below the 200 dollar mark the products really only differ in design concept, style, and comfort but the fidelity and resonance of the sets retailing around 300-500 bucks are phenomenal.

Did you Know

Beyerdynamics stock custom sets named after some of the greats, including Chet, Grover, Duke and Stevie. Their highest priced headphones being their Quincy model which is a hand crafted combination of their 2 highest quality sets, blended into an audiophiles dream.

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