10 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50 in 2022

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Personal Use – You’ll want to mainly use these headphones for personal use rather than professional. This is because bluetooth headphones have a bit of latency by nature, which could easily reflect poorly in a mix. You may find yourself developing timing issues or worse if you mix or produce with these headphones.

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Bluetooth Headphones Under $50 Buyers Guide

In-ear models:

Some people find in-ear models uncomfortable or ind that the buds don’t fit their ear canals correctly, luckily some manufacturers understand this and they provide a set of different sized tips to help you find one suitable for you.

Some people find they don’t stay in place whilst they are mobile this has lead to models with partial or full over ear hooks, neck bands, and straps to help them maintain their position.

Over-Head/Over-ear models:

Whilst for most this style is arguably more comfortable as the manufacturers usually put a lot of energy into the cushioning and textile components of the sets, some find them cumbersome because of their larger size.

They do have more range for a scope on how the array of drivers is put together because of their additional space. This means that the bass capabilities are normally better and because the sound is a little further away from your ear-drum they can be listened to at slightly higher volumes.

They can be closed back, open-backed or semi-open in design, each providing a different listening experience. Which is best is arguable and if you are interested we go into in more detail in our 10 best Beyerdynamic headphones buyers guide.

Are low budget Bluetooth headphones any good?

Bluetooth abilities once came with a hefty investment, but in today’s economic market it is more accessible than ever.

The demand for cheaper electrical products drives the market to compete at both ends of the spectrum. When higher end models get a technical leg up alongside a new face-lift the resulting trickle-down technology is astounding.

Which type of Bluetooth headphone is best?

The major differences between the variety of types of headphones is actually individual comfort and therefore the choice between is typically down to preference.

What to look for in Bluetooth headphones under $50?

At this price level, they don’t differ too much from one another as long as it has current Bluetooth connection and has reasonable build quality, with decent drivers and generous battery life between charges you are looking at a great deal.

If you require a mic for voice calls you would be wise to look for one with noise cancellation to keep lines crystal clear and avoid miscommunication.

If you plan to use them on-the-go a rainproof set would be a good investment, likewise, if you are going to take them running or to the gym as a rigorous workout is going to subject them to perspiration which can be damaging.


Finding a commendable and affordable pair of Bluetooth headphones in the lower budget regions is not an impossibility, as our reviews today will have shown you.

Choosing the best set for you is really only down to preference and the kind of lifestyle you lead. We have reviewed a good selection of over-head, and over-ear and in-ear ear-bud models which are all at the top of their game but won’t break the bank.

We hope today’s article and buyers guide will prove useful to potential shoppers.

Expert Tip

If you are looking for a Bluetooth headphone specifically suited to sports, stay tuned as we are currently selecting the cream of the crop for our next review, in the meantime, you could head over to our Waterproof headphones article which includes some great athletic models.

Did you Know

The innovative CSR chip creation, radicalized the industry and reduced Bluetooth integrated production costs to such a point that higher quality really does come in a cheaper package.

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