10 Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

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True Signal – Don’t forget to consult the frequency response graph provided by the headphone manufacturer. This will give a clear picture of how your headphones alter a particular signal. This is especially important if you’re seeking out headphones with a particular boosted or enhanced sound. “Studio” headphones should have more of a flat, or unaltered frequency response.

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Budget Bluetooth Headphones Buyers Guide

Which Type of Bluetooth Headphones Do I Need?

There is a multitude of Bluetooth models available to choose from and one of the first things to consider before you settle on a specific style, is the manner in which you will probably use them in. The different headphone styles have been born out of necessity and each is adapted for different uses.

We have looked at the differences between sets in-depth on many occasions but for a brief run-down we will summarize concisely.


Are small headphones that sit inside of your ears, their tiny size and naturally lightweight nature render them ideal for packing and traveling. There are of course sub-categories. They are often a go-to model for those on the go, and favored for sports activities as a larger over-ear bluetooth set simply won’t stay put whilst you workout.

They quite often rely on supports such as in/over ear hooks, neckbands collars, fins or wings to help keep them in place for athletic activities.

The earbud tips sit inside your ear canal and need to be made from comfortable skin-safe materials (typically foam or silicone) and be ergonomically formed for comfort and it is better if a choice of sizes is provided.

They generally have driver arrays which measure somewhere between 7-12 mm (popularly averaging 9mm), their sound capabilities aren’t as impressive as larger aperture drivers but it is directional and private and their convenience speaks for itself.


On-ear or supra-aural headphones rest on the ear itself they are able to harbor bigger drivers than an earbud model but don’t have to have a large headband to support them, in fact, some models still incorporate hooks to hold them.

They are less intensely immersive than a circumaural model so they allow you to stay aware of your surrounding environment which is safer in built-up areas.


Over-ear/around the ear or circumaural headphones (sometimes referred to as ‘full-size’) features 2 earcups fixed to a headband.

They house much more capable drivers with larger diaphragms measuring between 40 and 50mm they are immersive and passively noise cancel blocking out background noise. They are better for personal listening and essential for professional/critical listening.

Their larger size renders them far more cumbersome as an everyday travel option but there are many different folding/collapsible designs on the current market which addresses the portability issues synonymous with their larger size.

What to Look for in a Budget Bluetooth set of Headphones?

Bluetooth connectivity is a given, in budget models the chips installed are often essentially the same and we don’t see advanced chips without a price-hike.

2 sets of competing headphones with matching chips can provide very different listening experiences this is really down to how well they maintain the signal clarity and how well they recognize the signals and process them into digital audio via their speaker drivers.

Often the Bluetooth will be assisted by technologies such as the long-favored AptX tech, this helps keep the signals clearer and isolates your signal from the millions of other wireless signals around you.

The audio distribution profile is important too, some big brands have their own proprietary or preferred methods Sony tend to favor A2DP which is advanced but widely recognized by capable devices.

In the low-price regions, it is important to consider the durability of a product because production costs are usually reduced in the early stages by choosing cheaper materials. Sometimes this is a necessary sacrifice and sometimes this is completely detrimental.

The audio quality, of course, should be important as the primary function of a set of headphones is for listening use.

Are Budget Bluetooth Headphones Worth Buying?

The invention of the modern CSR chip has really changed the electronics industry bringing the wireless operation to essentially any product on the market and for a far more affordable price.

The chips installed in budget region products are generally speaking identical, if not they have pretty closely matching specs, this means they don’t differ too heavily and tend to have the same range of transmission. How well the headphones interpret their Bluetooth signal, however, can vary from product to product as explained above.

Thanks to the advancements in the development of the technological side of things we are seeing some very capable products and providing you try o stick to the tips in our guide you will find yourself pleasantly surprised at what your cash can get you.


Buying a quality budget Bluetooth pair of headphones boils down to deciding on a style based on your personal preferences and intentions for use. Once this is solved selecting a set which is manufactured to a satisfactory level from materials which won’t break too easily is your biggest priority.

Just how great they sound is down to their driver components and its supporting circuitry tech, but there are many well-engineered bargains to be had.

With some luck, today’s reviews and buyers good should have provided you with some real food for thought and the necessary knowledge to make an informed future purchase.

Hopefully, they will have highlighted just how much the industry has evolved in recent years and clarified the capabilities of the modern CSR chip.

Expert Tip

If you are on a very tight budget you may want to look at our selections in our Bluetooth headphones under $50 article for more inspiration.

Did you Know

If you like the specs of some of the products we have listed in this article but aren’t won over by the style many of the manufacturers make an in-ear and over-ear model in the same range to provide better choice to their potential customers and widen their demographic.

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