10 Best Disco Balls in 2022

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Placement – Disco balls don’t have to be reserved for just parties and events. You can add one of these fun fixtures to your studio or recording space to give it that extra inspiring touch to spark creative energy. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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Disco Ball Buyer’s Guide

Your long search for the best disco ball is almost over! You’ve seen all of the choices from the list, but you might have a couple of questions. No worries, we have you covered as always! Any questions you have will be answered below. Enjoy!

What is a disco ball and what purpose does it serve?

Disco balls were first used widely in the ’70s and ’80s. They’re usually a spherical ball covered in dozens or hundreds of small square mirrors. Each mirror reflects light in random directions, making the room or outdoor area lit up with fun! These days they serve the same purpose, but you can also get them to brighten up a bedroom.

Whether you’re looking for a classic resemblance or a modern rendition, you’ll find the perfect choice on the list above.

When and how did disco balls come about?

Disco balls became popular in the ’70s when disco music came out. The stylish, funky music paired with the random reflections of a disco ball-like nothing before. The movement was so powerful and packed with fun that it continues decades later!

Do all disco balls rotate and how do they do that?

Although most video show disco balls rotating, not all of them do. However, the ones that rotate either have a mechanical device or a unique hanging ring. The ring that mounts the disco ball to a chain can naturally rotate. Since it’s a sphere, there’s no exterior force to stop it from spinning.

What are disco balls made of?

Disco balls are made of a Styrofoam sphere and tons of tiny mirrors. Sometimes they’re made with a glass ball, but some people don’t like them since they can break easier. However, others swear by glass disco balls since they help reflect even better in between the mirror gaps.

Are there real mirrors on disco balls and are they dangerous?

A mirror is often thought of as glass, but technically any fully reflective surface is a mirror. Even the disco balls that use glass mirrors are well-secured, so don’t worry about it! If a piece happens to fall off, simply reattach it with glue. However, the entries above are top-notch, meaning they won’t break apart easily.

Expert Tip

Hang up a mini disco ball on your porch and watch the sunset and sunrise reflect natural light off of it!

Did You Know?

Disco balls have many different mirror sizes. Bigger mirrors translate to wider light reflections. On the other hand, smaller mirrors produce smaller, more defined light reflections. Think about this before you make your final pick. Good luck!

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