10 Best PC Headphones in 2022

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Wireless battery power – Lots of gamers choose to go for wireless headphones instead of wired ones. It’s not so much about the distance from your PC; it’s more about having the freedom to move and react to the game without pulling a cable out or knocking something over. If you go wireless, make sure the battery life works for you and make sure they have a good battery life indicator, so you aren’t caught out.

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PC Headphones Buyers Guide

What to look for in PC gaming Headphones

When you’re looking for PC headphones, you may not know exactly what the best set to get is. There are many features that come in PC gaming headphones and you want to make sure that your bases are being covered. Depending on the games you are playing, what works for one may not work as well for another and vise versa.

You want to make sure that you are getting the sound that is right for you, the comfort that you want, and the durability that will help the headphones last for a long time.

Here is a short breakdown of some of the factors you should be paying attention to when you are buying your PD headset.


The sound is one of the most important factors in any buyers decision. You should be striving to pick up the best sound you can get for the money you spend. Many headsets are outfitted with advanced 7.1 surround sound. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, then surround sound should be one of the things you look for. It allows you to hear things all over the game the way you were intended to.

You can hear bullets fly by, calls from around the map, and planes flying around and know exactly where everything is coming from. This will give you a competitive advantage which is important considering that e-sports have taken off and some people are making big money these days.


Most gamers like to play for a long time. How else would you increase your rank, build your skills and take over the world? The comfort of your headphones will largely determine your ability to wear them for an extended period of time. If they are heavy, lightly added, and have uncomfortable material, they will be annoying to wear and could even tire you out in the long run.

In order to really get the most out of your headphones, you want to get memory foam cushions, a lightweight headband which is adjustable, and open back design. Then, you will have no complaints and you will be able to focus solely on the task at hand instead of being distracted by uncomfortable headphones.


Sometimes you just need to throw something right? Well not really, but the headphones that will be perfect for you, will need to be durable enough to handle the hard-hitting gaming world. You don’t want to have to interrupt gameplay to buy another headset because your current one couldn’t take the heat.

Durable headphones will be made of malleable material and strong inner components, put together well so they don’t break down. You want your headphones to last, and buying cheaper can sometimes result in a pair of headphones that will not last no matter what you do to them.


Some games need to have really great communication. Some players like to have the best communication as well. if you’re the type of player who is a strategist and wants to be in constant communication with allies, then a good mic will make the difference. You won’t have time to repeat yourself in the middle of the action so everything needs to be done clearly.

Noise-cancellation will allow you to keep the unwanted sounds where they belong, and your voice as the main event. You will thank yourself later for paying attention to the mic quality and ensuring that you get the best one you can for the money spent.


Protect your investment with a good warranty that can take care of any unwanted issues easily and quickly. A warranty will give you peace of mind when you are buying, because, when electronics show up, there is always a chance that they will not work as well as they are supposed to. Whether it’s because of a manufacturing defect, or just inept parts, you want to be able to repair or replace any shoddy components quickly and easily instead of having to buy another headset as soon as something goes wrong.


With the top ten picks of PC gaming headsets here, we think you’ll be able to find the headset that is right for you. Pay attention to all the features and really imagine yourself playing the game and ask yourself what you will need to focus on. Sound, comfort, and durability are among the most important points. When you decided to pick up your next gaming headset, we hope you’re 100% satisfied with the purchase you make. It makes all the difference.

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