10 Best Skullcandy Earbuds In 2022

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Bluetooth – If you want wide-ranging functionality for your Skullcandy headphones, consider whether or not you want to prioritize a wireless Bluetooth feature. If you’ll be running and frequently on the go with your headphones, you might prefer an option for Bluetooth, but if you’ll do most of your listening in the house with your headphones in one place, you might prefer a classic plug-in model.

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Skullcandy Earbuds Buyers Guide

We spoke briefly of the Skullcandy brands humble origins in our articles introduction, and we are going to advise which set to go for depending on your individual requirements in our informative buyers guide section to follow, but first here a little more background on the brand.

Skullcandy has produced a vast range of models each with characteristics that cater for different needs, but what links them is the companies commitment to providing a great electronic audio solution that supports the reality of modern lifestyles. Their models are ultimately for the average user with a busy day-to-day lifestyle and are designed to be comfortable, durable, and practical.

They have concentrated on the portability and how well they can be worn in transit, above all else, and even specifically tailor their sets towards sporty pursuits and outdoor environments, with their heavier duty models bearing weather and sweat resistance.

The audio is of course still always key and over the years they have developed some pretty sophisticated circuitry, which is well researched, developed, and engineered to enhance the capabilities of their tiny compact tips which house their dinky drivers.

It is fair to say that another important and very apparent quality that the Skullcandy brand brings to the table is appearance. They go the extra mile to provide charming earbud sets with a modern edgy appearance, which are available in a range of color-coordinated designs, that add a touch of personality and promote individuality but without opting for fashion over function.

The company is very keen to affiliate the brand with the things they hold most important and so they regularly promote music, youth culture, art, film, and fashion, making them literally one of the trendiest options on the market in modern times.

From today’s reviews, you can clearly see it is not just their looks that have won people over, their first notable product, the Portable Link actually stole hearts for its Hands-free compatibility which was paired with fantastic audio and an edgy but sporty look.

What To Look For When Buying Skullcandy Earbuds?

This is very dependent on your need as an individual and of course limited by your budget.

If your budget allows we would say skip over the low end and straight ahead to the $15 plus products as pretty much all of the models from here on out are equipped with their audio enhancing Superior Sound Tech which really makes an audible difference when compared directly with competing for products that have identically sized drivers.

In this region with quality, audio assured, you next need to decide on whether to go wired or wireless.
Wireless is less likely to get in your way when you work out however many of the wired models still cater to the need of active users.

Unless you are really on a shoe-string budget we suggest you go ahead and take advantage of Skullcandys flattened wire models. They are still very accessibly priced and overall provide much better value for money as the small increase in investment adds much more to the products longevity. Flattened cables are far more durable than a standard rounded wire, which frequently become tangled when they are tucked away into a pocket.

The most common reason for having to replace your earbuds is broken wires which are subject to a heck of a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis.


If you are as enamored with the Skullcandy line as we have been, then you need only consider your intended use to work out exactly what you need.

No matter your requirements as an individual, Skullcandy have you covered, and as today’s reviews will have probably made clear, getting your hands on a decent pair won’t break the bank.

If you live a pretty active lifestyle and want your audio to accompany you on your journey with you, then investing in a set of trendy Skullcandy earbuds is a sound move.

They have come a long way in such a short amount of time and really cater to their demographic well, providing many innovative solutions for a range of needs.

Once you know what you are looking for in terms of style you are golden. So decide on wired versus wireless, mull-over whether you want a mic, and contemplate the capabilities as some models provide better audio than others.

Of course, the quality of the audio is going to be bound by the budget you have but as divulged in our buyers guide any of the models boasting Skullcandys Superior Sound Tech are going to impress the majority of listeners.

Expert Tip

If you can afford to push the boat out then their truly wireless Push series ear-buds are an exemplary Bluetooth set to go for.

Did You Know?

Skullcandy were one of the first companies to actually produce in-ear models which actually fit within the ear-canal itself rather than being positioned at the opening of the ear canal.

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