10 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 in 2022

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Use Case – Remember to identify your predicted use case for your earbuds before purchasing them. Keep in mind that wireless earbuds probably aren’t the best fit for producing or mixing sessions, since they inherently have a bit of latency which could cause timing issues in your mix. However, these can be amazing tools for casual listening or jamming out while exercising.

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True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 Buyers Guide

Aside from their smaller statures and wireless connectivity, a true set of wireless ear-buds offer they have one very distinct property which makes them beneficial for anyone who likes to listen on the go.

Their storage cases are designed to double up as a charging dock, stowing away extra-power for a spare charge. This allows users to spend much more time away from power outlets and they are typically able to charge your mobiles as well which in this day and age is really a quintessential capability.

Carrying a spare charge which is accessible between use in the comfort and convenience of your own pocket really is a modern feat.

When it comes for what to look for in a cheaper true wireless set of headphones you should keep it simple.

Within the lower priced regions they essentially all function the same way and offer very similar capabilities on par with one another.

What To Look For When Buying True Wireless Earbuds Under $50?

Your first point of call, which probably doesn’t need addressing too heavily, is the onboard Bluetooth version. You are going to want an up to date connection for better compatibility and stability as well.

Typically as convenience is the key attribute True Wireless models are advocating, you will find they offer one-step facile pairing and remember previously paired devices connecting automatically when they are available. This is pretty desirable but when shopping on a lower budget shouldn’t be held too importantly.

Just how much battery life is on offer, is far more of a critical characteristic. The battery life should be judged inclusive of the extra hours the storage case can muster up and how quickly the power transfers, A, from outlet to case and B, from case to earbuds. It is hardly a convenience if the wait between is prolonged in either case.

A quick charge feature is highly desirable but of course, you may not always get this with the lower priced pairs without sacrificing something else somewhere along the line.

It is true, that the companies have to slash costs a little here and there to provide Bluetooth buds with such convenient characteristics and you as the consumer will have to weigh up the pros and cons to decide which you are happy to compromise. There are, however, some things which must take precedence.

Comfort is vital, many are ergonomically designed with innovative forms to help keep them in place. If they don’t sit in the ear properly they can cause damage over prolonged use.

Of course, the audio quality should be just as important driver development has advanced a lot in recent years but with true wireless earbuds being relatively new to the industry the advanced components aren’t all that cost effective yet.

This, unfortunately, means that to offer up all of their shiny mod-cons to the masses at an affordable price sometimes the audio reproduction is a little less luxurious.


Given their many notable attributes which help them slide right into our busy modern lives, and the production of cheaper chips there has never been a better time to go wireless.

If you are going wireless then why not go the whole hog and pick a truly wireless pair. They take portability to the max and provide a very stable wireless connection whilst allowing you to be away from home for longer periods.

The audio can be lower-quality in the lower priced regions but hopefully, today’s reviews and buyers guide will have demonstrated that there are some capable models on the market which are priced accessibly.

Expert Tip

If you have a little more to spend head over to our 10 best wireless earbuds article for a few options which might be a little more impressive.

Did You Know

If you are particularly active there are some great sports headphones out there some which can actually keep track of calories lap-times, speeds, distances and a whole lot more thanks to its app assistance.

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