10 Best Voice Recorders in 2022

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Adding a lav mic – I often see people using voice recorders when creating video content for YouTube, etc. For example, if only one person is speaking on screen, they might sit a voice recorder on a table or even hold it. In that situation, adding a lavalier mic to your voice recorder lets you get closer to the sound source and look more professional.

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Voice Recorder Buyers Guide

Important Things to Consider

Recording Quality

No matter what you are keeping track of, you want the quality to be high enough that you’re not straining to figure out what’s happening. Low quality of the recording may hinder your ability to understand what is being said honestly, and, if you’re recording a meaningful conversation, you want to be able to hear everything that’s going on. If you have stereo recording capabilities, with condenser microphones and noise isolation filters, then your recordings should be crisp and clear the way you want them to be.

Battery Life

Many of the best digital voice recorders come with a lot of memory, sometimes up to 60 days. You don’t always need to have that much memory space, but the battery life is something that will affect your user experience. If you can find a recorder with rechargeable batteries, or one that only uses a single AAA, you won’t need to carry around lots of extra weight in your bag. The last thing you want is to have your recorder’s battery die halfway through a recording with no way of bringing it back to life.


Many of us are taking our voice recorders everywhere. Because of this, it needs to be durable enough to handle life on the go. Your notes or recordings will not be worth much if your speaker or casing is broken, and you cant listen back to it anyway. Ensure your voice recorder is tough enough to handle your lifestyle.


Unless you already know your way around recording devices, chances are you’re going to be drawn towards a device that is simple to use and figure out. Many of the best voice recorders are very user-friendly, and it goes a long way.

If you don’t need to be fiddling with recording speeds or playback options, stereo or mono inputs, and equalization, then you will have a more seamless experience. However, some of us do need a little more capability, and the learning curve increases along with it.

Is Noise Isolation Necessary?

Noise isolation is the feature that will help you filter out the sounds that you don’t want so you can focus on the ones that do. Many of the best recorders have capabilities that allow you to raise and lower the intensity of the filters, depending on where you are.

If you’re recording your voice outside and you only want to capture what is close-by, then putting in a noise gate is essential. However, if you are not concerned with filtering out background noise and want to capture everything that’s happening, then noise-isolation isn’t a top priority.

What’s the top digital voice recorder for live music?

If you’re out at a concert and you want to capture the moment perfectly, then the best recorder for this purpose is the Zoom H1 Handy. It has the highest quality condenser microphones and a wide range of sound capturing capabilities.

It is a little more complicated in its user-friendliness, but that’s okay. Since it is mountable on a tripod and connectable to a camera, it will be the best option for those high-octane recordings that are going to help you reminisce about the show later on.


Now you’re ready to capture all of the essential notes and moments in your everyday life. There are plenty of options for the daily note-taker, but if you want a more high-powered music-specific recorder, then go with the Zoom H1, it will do the job for you.

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