5 Best USB Microphones Under $50

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Efficiency – USB microphones are perfect for anyone who wants to record quick, clean sound without having to worry about processing the signal. Be sure to keep the included USB cord properly stored and in tip top shape to prevent latency issues. Also, keep in mind that some of these microphones will require you to download drivers on your device.

Kate Brunotts


USB Mic under $50 Buyers Guide

Why choose a USB Microphone?

Their strong-suit is essentially their plug and play capabilities, which render them a quick and easy recording solution. They are also generally speaking a much cheaper option as they cut out the need to buy an audio interface of any sort.

A decent audio interface can be very pricey and if you aren’t looking to professionally record your next album or open a small studio set-up to the public then they are a very convenient fix.

Their faster, freer nature makes them perfect for recording on the fly because they are so easy to access they can be used to record spur of the moment ideas which is handy for creative songwriters who can often find that inspiration strikes without warning.

What to look for in a USB Microphone Under $50?

First off you need to think about its application to help narrow down the style you are after. For most uses a cardioid polarity microphone is going to be well-suited it has a versatile pickup pattern and is good at keeping direct inputs isolated from background noise.

If you intend to use the microphone for interviews and cash is really tight then you might want to look for a bi-directional (omnidirectional) microphone which can record from directly in front and behind at the same time. A decent one can help eliminate the need to purchase 2 separate microphones.

Are USB Microphones Under $50 Actually Any Good?

Whilst many seasoned producers who are working with the top of the range set-ups might turn up their noses at a USB microphones capabilities they are nothing to be sniffed about.

When the first crept on to the market they were deemed to become a fad at face-value but they have evolved splendidly since their early conceptions and come a long way in a short amount of time.

There are many professional and semi-professional Vloggers and online broadcasters who utilize a USB microphone for its mod-cons instead of a regular microphone for their weekly/daily podcasts. There are also a number of streaming gamers who opt for independent USB microphones over their integrated headset mics for their better quality.


As our picks, today will have probably proved there are a number of bus-powered microphones on the market which are worth their humble asking prices. They provide good value for money and a real quick-fix recording solution.

Of course a more expensive model will probably audio reproduce more accurately so you might find your voice sounds less recognizable with a cheaper mic but this is no big deal unless you want to record impersonations let’s say.

For less than fifty bucks, we really do think they are a steal and at that sort of money, there really is no reason not to buy one and see for yourself.

We hope our run-down and additional guide will have helped inspire and inform you along the way.

Expert Tip

Though USB mic will work with your standard PC recording program we recommend getting a good digital audio workstation for better control over your microphones equalization and input settings. If money is super-tight there are plenty of free downloadable programs online which do a pretty good job.

Did you Know

Some of today’s selections were previously included in other top ten write ups which you can read here Top 10 Best USB Condenser Mics & The 10 Best USB Microphones Under $100.

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