7 Best Mini Amps in 2022

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Another feature to take into serious consideration is embedded effects. Having these built into your compact amplifier can open up your performance possibilities, making for a more diverse and interesting set. If your mini amp of choice doesn’t have this flexibility, you can always create an effect chain instead with your favorite effect pedals.

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Mini Guitar Amp Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for the top mini guitar amp, then there are a few things that you should consider before purchasing one. This gear guide should enlighten you on what features to look out for when you’re choosing the right portable amp for you.

Type of Mini Guitar Amp

There are two types of mini amps to choose from. The first is a guitar mini amp, also known as micro amps. This type of mini guitar amp is basically a scaled-down version of a regular amplifier. Often they are based on a bigger amp model, so will offer similar tones. Obviously, if you are an electric guitarist then this will be the type of mini guitar amp for you.

The second type is used for a stereo system or for a speaker system. These are small versions of guitar amplifiers that can be connected to a stereo system to offer you a big boost in sound quality and power. They are especially useful for boosting your car’s stereo system.

Power Output

This is measured in wattage. The general rule is that the larger the wattage number is, then the more power you’ll get from your mini guitar amplifier. A mini portable amp for guitars will often be somewhere between one and five watts. Anything in this range is normal and should be perfect for such a tiny amplifier. With stereo mini guitar amps, then the power output is slightly different, as what you’re looking for here is what size speakers the amp can drive, so make sure that you pick a micro guitar amp that will be able to drive your speakers.

Onboard Effects

In regular-sized guitar amplifiers, then there is a huge range of onboard effects that you can find. In mini guitar amps then you are more limited. The best micro guitar amplifiers, however, will offer you overdrive channels at the very least. There is a possibility for more onboard effects, though, such as a tape delay effect.

Input Options

Ideally, you want a mini guitar amp that will allow you to directly connect your phone or laptop to it so that you can also play along with your favorite music. You also want a headphone line in so you can carry out silent practices. An RCA input is especially useful for a stereo amp, as that’s how you’ll connect it to your speakers.

Can I perform live with a mini guitar amp or are they too quiet?

Battery powered guitar amplifiers have become very popular with buskers over the last few years as they are highly portable. Some mini guitar amps will be loud enough to perform live in this context. They will not be loud enough for performing with a band, though, nor will they fill a room with a loud sound, so you’re better with a proper amp in such cases. For busking, though, a mini portable amp is ideal.

Are all mini amps battery operated?

In general mini amps will be battery operated, but the top mini amps also have the ability to plug into the mains, which is ideal when you’re at home and worried about battery life.

Expert Tip

If you’re a guitar player looking for the right mini portable guitar amp for you, then make sure you choose one that has a lot of tonal range, which means finding one that has some control over gain tone and shape. Being able to change sound settings gives you another dimension.

Did you know?

The mini guitar amplifier that is valued at the highest price in the world will set you back a remarkable $159,995. Why? Because it was designed and built by one of the most respected names in the amplifier world, Alexander Dumble. He made it with his own hands back in 1978.


Guitarists will love the portability of a mini guitar amp, as it can be clipped onto your belt, and then used for practicing at home or even out in public while busking. And if you’re not a guitar player but looking for a mini guitar amp to boost your home stereo system or your car audio system, then make sure you choose one that will be able to drive your speakers. Whatever your needs, you can find some excellent mini amps these days.

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