9 Best DJ Headphones for Professional Studio Sound in 2022

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Over-ear or On-ear headphones – If you find yourself thinking about whether to go with over-ear or on-ear headphones, you should know that over-ears are well-padded and don’t apply as much tension as on-ears. When it comes to the isolation of the sound, over-ear can block a decent amount of ambient noise compared to on-ear headphones, which don’t perform that well.

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DJ Headphone Buyers’ Guide

Value for Money – V-MODA M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone

V-MODA Crossfade Over-Ear

Coming in at number one for value for money has to be the M-100 headphones from V-MODA. Durability is definitely a big factor in value for money. Other headphones with a cheaper price tag like the Red Wave tend to be prone to breaking, which will greatly hamper their value. These are designed to beyond-military durability specs. This means the wire uses the same material as modern bulletproof vests and has almost completely indestructible metal components.

It can be killed though, but you’ll need a tank and a tank driving manual. In the unlikely event you do succeed in destroying the headphones within the first two years, then you’re covered by a guarantee and if it’s after that, you have immortal life program. With the immortal life program, if you somehow destroy your headphones, you can get a new pair for half price. Now that’s reliable durability.

The M-100 uses V-MODA’s unique and patented dual-diaphragm approach to sound engines. The dual diaphragm provides greater separation of bass from mids and highs that add clarity to all three. Cleaner sounds mean cleaner tracks. The quality of sound with the M-100 is beautiful and allows for a good amount of bass, so if you’re an EDM DJ or just a fan, these are a smart choice.

The value here is immense simply from a durability perspective. With such a high level of durability, the usage you can get out of these over a number of years is huge. The price tag on these is still lower than Beats by quite a margin and the quality is far superior.

Best All-Rounder – Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The M50x is another stunning piece of headgear that provides quite a well-rounded quality. There aren’t any standout features that make this headphone a must-have for DJs of a specific genre, but if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure where you want to go with your music genre-wise, then is a solid choice.

The sound quality is well-balanced with a decent level of bass that still allows you to hear the mids and highs, giving a level of versatility between genres. The sound separation between bass and mids and highs is quite exquisite. The value for money here is mid-range, which means that if you want something that seems to hit the mid-level of every attribute for headphones then you can’t go wrong with the M50x.

Highest Quality – V-MODA M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone

The M100 is the best choice for professionals or up and coming DJs. The sound quality here is amazing, making it a brilliant addition to any good DJ’s arsenal. The prized patent of the dual-diaphragm sound engine from V-MODA gives it a supreme edge over competitors and even Avicii has endorsed V-MODA.

Sound quality isn’t the only unique characteristic that it provides. Durability is another hallmark of V-MODA, with beyond-military durability. As mentioned above, it’s truly astounding as to just how brilliant the level of durability is and it will allow you to rely on your headphones for longer than six months, which is rare. It outshines every other pair of headphones on the list for quality, regardless of your current standing the DJ world.

If you’re a professional, then the M-100 could give you the unique sound to truly separate yourself from the pack of DJs looking for their next big break. If you’re an up and comer it can do the same and give you a chance to produce enough high-quality music to get your foot in the door for a first paid gig.

Can you use DJ Headphones for Gaming?

DJ headphones can indeed be used for gaming and they also come with some distinct advantages. The first is that the sound quality of headphones can further immerse you in the rich tapestry that modern games provide in story modes. On top of that, the same sound quality can be used to increase performance in FPS games.

DJ headphones can be tuned differently to further amplify certain sounds, depending on the model and the monitoring hardware tuners that they come with. Other than that, there aren’t too many other benefits of having DJ headphones over regular gaming headphones. If you’re a DJ and you already need DJ headphones, they’re just as useful as gaming headphones. If you need both and you can only pick one, then pick DJ headphones. You’ll have a pair of headphones that is useful for both endeavors. If you’re very into gaming as well and you like to game with friends, then make sure you get yourself headphones with a microphone built-in or you’ll have issues communicating with teammates.

What Headphones does Deadmau5 use?

Deadmau5 uses a variety of different headphones, including ones made specifically for him. This includes the V-MODA LP2 that is a custom build for Deadmau5. He also uses SOL-Republic Track5 On-Ear headphones that are a collaboration between the manufacturer and Deadmau5.

These two are the two to focus on because they were made with him in mind. He has a very unique sound and because he’s so prominent in his field, manufacturers wanted to work with him to help make his headphones that really help him to make music his way and on his terms.

SOL-Republic Deadmau5 Track5 HD On-Ear

The price tag on these isn’t as big as you’d think. With a name like Deadmau5 attached to it, you’d expect three figures but that’s not the case. They represent decent value for money and they come attached with a named collaboration from one of Canada’s best music producers. They still have the same issues with regards to reliability as similar un-endorsed products from SOL Republic.

Those who do sing the praises of this headphone are happy enough with sound quality and aren’t too worried about reliability. They do allow Deadmau5 to create his unique music which could be useful for other DJs attempting to go in the same direction. Definitely a cheap solution for up and comers looking to distance themselves from the mainstream majority.


Custom made for Deadmau5, these headphones come from a pedigree line of expertly manufactured headphones and reliability and durability are rarely, if ever, a problem. The sound quality that V-MODA achieves is due to the patented dual-diaphragm system that we’ve talked a lot about, but that’s because the genius innovation behind it is what makes the sound from V-MODA headphones so distinguishable from that of competitors.

The LP2 was first debuted by Deadmau5 at V-MODA Fortress, and since then has had the eye of many lower ranked professionals and up and comers looking to make it to the top. Although it is a little more on the expensive side than the SOL Republic headphones, the V-MODA does pack more quality.

What Headphones does PewDiePie Use?

For the most part, PewDiePie uses gaming headphones manufactured by Razer. He has recently started using Sennheiser RS 170s, but other than that, he’s almost always used Razer. As a Youtube producer, the sound quality just isn’t as important as it is within the DJ world.

This is because as a YouTuber, he creates audio-visual content rather than just audio. That doesn’t mean Razer is terrible for sound quality, it just means there are much better headphones out there that are designed directly for music production rather than video games.

Razer Carcharias

Razer headphones have good sound quality for video games, where all the subtle nuances within the audio only need to be enjoyed rather than created. The main benefit to these headphones is that they’re designed for extreme comfort.

It’s not uncommon for a small group of people who play for marathon standard hours (24+ hours in a row) to use Razer headphones. They have a decent standard of bass and the Carcharias are probably the closest to a primarily gaming headset that could be used as a starter pair of DJ headphones.

Sennheiser RS 170

Sennheiser is renowned for sound quality above all else. On the other hand, they’ve tried to go above and beyond the usual bog standard headphones, approach and the RS 170 comes with a small hardware box that acts as a plug and plays receiver for up to four people and is also used as a docking station that charges the headphones.

This extra functionality speaks to how many believe Sennheiser will attempt to mop the floor with their competition in the future. The sound setup that the RS 170 is set up for is home cinema, which is something a Youtuber could definitely find useful, not to mention how useful it can be in real life if you’re doing a Netflix marathon and don’t want to wake others up while enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

Over-Ear vs. On-Ear

This is an age-old debate but it just boils down to preference. There’s no right or wrong answer for the most part, but there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both.

The need to have the right pair of headphones behind you is absolutely essential, and you obviously want to have the headphones that are perfect for you. Some people decide to have one set of each if they like the merits of both. This is because if you have both, you can enjoy the benefits of both types depending on what task and genre of music you’re working on at the time.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are a lot more lightweight and portable, so if you like to create and produce on the move a lot, for example, a live stream for your limited fan base on the way to your day job, then on-ear could be advantageous. The issue you could find is that the sound isolation of on-ear isn’t really that useful; they aren’t covering your ears up enough to completely block out the world around you.

On-ears do tend to offer a good amount of comfort, however, making them a brilliant tool if you’re on a long trip and want to get some work done along the way if you’re in a quiet enough area. These are definitely the type of headphones you want if you’re on the move. Another benefit is that on-ears are a little more forgiving for people with bigger ears, adding to the comfort compared to over-ear.

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones have a distinct advantage when it comes to sound isolation and cancellation. This allows you to keep focused on the music, even in loud, confined spaces like trains on a commute to your day job. They’re a little heavier and bulkier than on-ear headphones but the increase in weight usually comes with an increase in sound quality. The over-ear headphone experience tends to yield better sound quality and comfort for those with normal sized ears, but some over-ear headphones tend to be a little smaller than even regular ears making them uncomfortable for most.
These headphones tend to suit professionals who keep their work in the same place and prefer to sit down and work rather than try and work on the move. It makes it a little harder to produce when inspiration strikes.


To keep it simple, the type you should buy depends on you. If you like to produce on the move on-ear is the way to go, but even with on-ear headphones, you won’t be able to produce music to the same quality as someone sat down with over-ear headphones. If you want to focus purely on sound quality then the isolation from over-ear is definitely a winner in comparison. Buy headphones that suit all your needs.

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