Best Guitar Amps Under $300

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Modeling amps – In this price range, you can find amps that offer more tones than you will ever need. If you are a beginner looking to find your sound, focusing on a unit that provides more amp models could be a good idea. The versatility will serve you well for your first gigs and help you develop your own tone.

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Guitar Amp Under 300 Buyers Guide

What Types of Guitar Amplifiers Are There?

Three main types of guitar amplifiers which include solid staate, tube, hybrid, amp modeling, combo, and stack. These are addressed below so you know which one the right choice for you is.

Solid-state Amplifiers

Most amplifiers that are mid-priced or inexpensive or what are called solid-state amplifiers. These use semiconductor, transistor, and solid-state circuits. These are reliable and cheaper to produce then tube amplifiers. A solid stamp amplifier is also less fragile when compared to a tube amplifier.

Tube Amplifier

A tube amplifier uses of vacuum tubes which amplify the signal from the guitar. Tube amplifiers are the oldest type of amplifier as they were the first amplifiers produced. They are known for their warm and vintage sound and are sought after by many guitar players for their authentic and pleasing tones. By today’s standards, tube amplifiers are outdated but most musicians like using them simply because they sound amazing.


There is also what is called a hybrid amplifier. This is a combination of a solid state and a tube amplifier. For example, the amplifier might have one or two tubes in addition to the solid-state circuitry so you can get the best out of both types of tone. This type of combination allows a musician to get both solid-state sounds as well as tube sounds with their guitar.

Amp Modeling

Another type of amplifier is what is called an amp modeler. This is an amplifier that replicates the sound of other amplifiers. This can give the musician the ability to create vintage and popular guitar tones without the need to spend thousands of dollars on the equipment that was used to create those sounds.

This is done digitally and many modern amplifiers and now include amp modeling. Many of these amplifiers can be programmed so the player can choose different patches or tones that they want to use depending upon the music that they are playing.

Many amplifiers that feature amp modeling can be plugged in it directly to your computer via a USB port and then you download the drivers and software to use that amplifier with other musical programs such as a digital audio workstation or DAW for recording music. the sounds that you can create with this sort of amp is getting better with each new release.


A combo amplifier is short for combination. This is a unit that is self-contained and has the amplifier as well as the speaker in one cabinet. Almost all smaller amplifiers are combo units. A combo amplifier is usually quite heavy when compared to other amplifiers as everything is self-contained in one unit.


Another type of amplifier is what we call a stack amplifier. This takes an amplifier head where all the circuitry is and combines it with one or two speaker cabinets. This allows the player to change their amplifier head with different speaker cabinets to create different sounds. Stack amplifiers are easier to carry around with you because you can move the amplifier head and the speaker cabinets separately.

Can I Use Effect Pedals with them?

Many small amplifiers will allow you to use effects pedals with them but it all depends on the actual guitar amplifier that you were buying. Some small practice amplifiers under $300 come with built-in effects so you don’t need to buy any pedals. You may already have distortion, reverb, chorus, and other similar effects built into the amplifier so there is no need for additional pedals.

If the amplifier happens to be an amp modeler you may have a wide range of various effects that you can choose. You can change the parameters on these effects exactly the same way that you can with a regular pedal to create the desired effects.

Can I gig with One?

Most small amplifiers that are under 300 are not suitable for larger gigs simply for the fact that they don’t have the power necessary to cut through other instruments especially the bass and drums. These small amplifiers are suitable for smaller venues such as a coffee house we’re playing at a party but they are not going to be enough for a live band situation such as at a club or bar.

Expert Tip

Don’t be afraid to try out various amplifiers before you settle on one. You taste will change as you grow as a musician to try out different amps and guitars as it will help you shape your sound. Look for amps that have all the features like effects built-in as this saves you money in the long run as a beginner.

Did You Know?

The first amplifiers were powered by batteries and were too heavy to carry around. The first amplifiers were actually PA systems and they weren’t designed for guitars. In Los Angeles in 1932, jazz guitarist Jack Miller plugged into an amplifier at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

He is believed to be the first person to use an electric amplifier in a performance. George Beauchamp the inventor of the guitar pickup was probably the first to use a guitar amp in any form.


These are the best guitar amps under 300. You can find a good beginner guitar amp for under 300. These amps all have solid features and will allow you to practice or play smaller gigs without a lot of difficulties. Think about the features you need before you buy and make a list of three to four amps you like then make a decision.

Practice amps today are improving and many of them are now portable and can be plugged into your computer as many of the newer models offer amp modeling which gives you a lot of versatility in an amp.

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