The 10 Best Sennheiser Headphones

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Sennheisers are Expensive – Yes, they are, we don’t deny it – and nor do they. Arguably the best headphones ever made (the 1991 Orpheus) were built by Sennheiser, and they now change hands for $30,000 or more. If Sennheiser’s products were that good 20 years ago, we think today’s models are worth a few dollars more than the competition.

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Sennheiser Headphones Buying Guide

It’s not easy to pick out the perfect pair of headphones to buy on Amazon. Many of them seem to have the same features, but look slightly different, and the price is of wide variety too, so how can you know which ones to go for?

Start by deciding how much you’re willing to spend, then think of what special features you require. Lastly, think about the design. Then try to find a pair of headphones that match your requirements. It’s usually better to do it this way instead of just comparing all the headphones to each other. If you instead compare them to your list of what your perfect pair of headphones is like, it’s easy to decide if they’re good enough or not.

We really hope that this buying guide and review has been helpful and that it will guide you to your favorite pair of headphones to buy on Amazon! We encourage you to take the time to read the reviews through carefully, if you haven’t done that already, and watch the YouTube videos as well, which are a good tool to help you determine which headphones you should buy.

We’ll now finish off by answering the most common questions about Sennheiser headphones. If you’ve always wondered where they are made, or if they’re actually any good, then keep on reading! Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two.

Sennheiser 506080 GAME ONE gaming headphonesBest Sennheiser Gaming Headphones?

The best Sennheiser gaming headset is without a doubt number ten on our list, 506080 GAME ONE. They’ll keep your head cool, they’re comfortable, and they have a really good microphone. The microphone even has noise cancellation, so that your team will be able to hear you clearly.

Are Sennheiser Headphones Good?

Sennheiser is one of the best brands on the market and has been making headphones for decades. They are really good and offer something for everyone, from the casual listener to the devoted audiophile.
They offer a wide range of headphones and are often used by professionals, for example, music producers and other musicians that need top build quality headphones.

Especially the models that have Bluetooth and noise isolation are particularly good for everyday life if you often travel and want to block out noise from crowds and annoying engines and traffic.

Sure, they’re not the cheapest headphones on the market, but you know how the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

Where are Sennheiser Headphones Made?

Sennheiser headphones are made in Ireland.

Are Sennheiser Headphones Durable?

Yes, Sennheiser is a high-quality brand. Many of their headphones even have replaceable parts, like cables, so that you can use them for many, many years.

Expert Tip:

It is recommended by the World Health Organization that young people don’t listen to music using headphones for more than one hour at a time.

Did you know?

Sennheiser was founded 1945 in Germany.

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