The Top Rated Guitar Chairs of 2022

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Stretching – Having a supportive guitar stool is important, but another commonly neglected area for guitarists is taking care to stretch your fingers, wrists, and arms. While this may seem unnecessary, doing so can help prevent fatigue and devastating carpal tunnel syndrome over time. Make a habit of stretching for 10-15 minutes before working with your instrument.

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Guitar Stools Buyers Guide

What is a guitar stool?

A guitar stool is a specially designed chair used by guitar players. They are most often found in musical venues such as clubs or bars, in fact some of them look very similar to barstools. They can also be purchased for home use and some very good models can be found at reasonable prices.

What’s the difference between a guitar chair and an ordinary chair or stool?

In many ways, guitar stools and chairs are very similar, as we said above some can look quite like barstools, and often referred to as such. The main difference is the design features that have been specifically implemented for guitar players.

For the most part, all guitar stools share the same basic DNA – A raised and well-padded seat covered in a material such as vinyl or leather that will swivel to give the guitarist maximum maneuverability. Below this will be a strong and robust frame for support and stability. Part of this will be a footrest of some description which has been added to improve playing posture.

Why is posture so important when playing or practicing guitar?

Posture is extremely important when playing guitar for a number of reasons, mainly comfort, injury prevention (click to read the study) and fret access. Comfort is self-explanatory however you may be wondering how you can injure yourself playing guitar. Many guitarists play their instruments for hours at a time, day after day, year after year which can easily result in repetitive strain injuries if an incorrect posture is being used, mainly to the back or wrists – view the topical investigation here.

Playing posture for note access is vital and this is where the barstool and its footrest really come into play. Sitting on a guitar chair and utilizing the footrest will give a guitar player a posture that vastly improves access to all frets and notes on the neck of the guitar, including even the highest ones.

Does the guitar stool size depend on the size of the guitar being played?

In a word, no. Not at all actually, if anything the only factor determining what size of chair you should get would be the size of the person. Taller people may prefer taller stools and vice versa. Yet the fact of the matter is that the majority of stools are created around the same height region and should be fine for the most part for people of all shapes and sizes. The only way this could be an issue is for stools with built-in guitar stands, but yet again the majority of these are suitable for the vast majority of model sizes.

Top Pick

Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Guitar Stool with Built-In Guitar StandStagg GIST-300 Foldable

Stagg is a great company who are very well known in the music industry. They are well established, well respected and have also turned their hand to instruments, but most would agree it is in the musical equipment category where they really shine.

The GIST-300 is quite simply an all-round brilliant guitar stool. This would be the best purchase for an amateur guitarist’s bedroom but also look the part on stage in music venues around the world. It is well padded and comfortable, has a strong and stylish construction and the built-in guitar stand is an excellent additional feature. You cannot go wrong with this Stagg guitar stool.

Premium Choice

Gibraltar 9608MB Large Cordura Guitar Throne with Backrest Gibraltar 9608MB Cordura

This guitar stool from Gibraltar Hardware is without a doubt a premium choice. Comfort, stability, and adjustability are in abundance with this model. What really separates it from the competition is the backrest and is what makes it equally adept for use as a drum throne or keyboard chair.

It is very comfortable due to the large motorcycle style seat. The stool’s height is adjustable (adjustable backrests), as is the backrest and also the seat which can swivel or be made stationary by a special locking mechanism. The barstool is absolutely solid thanks to a highly robust construction. This chair will cost you well into 3 figures, however, if you have the money to spend then it is worth every penny. A supremely professional product.

Great Value

Torin TRP6185Torin TRP6185 Swivel Shop Guitar Stool

This chair is the very definition of value for money. For an unbelievable price, this would look quite at home in any club or music bar. Simple and effective is what Torin have gone for here with the TRP6185 and it has been a huge success.

It has a classic look and feels with a minimalist jet black vinyl covered seat and a strong chrome plated steel construction. Also, the support ring makes for the best footrest. The simplicity even extends to the product assembly with countless glowing reviews about how quick and easy construction is. All of this for a chair in the region of 30 bucks is absolutely unbeatable value for money.


Considering guitar stools are so often overlooked there is actually a very good selection on the market. You will find some premium models with rather steep price tags and likewise very cheap releases that may be lacking somewhat in the quality department. However, for the most part, it is a product category that seems to hover around a very similar price level.

The main things to look out for are a well padded, comfortable seat and a solid construction that will support you and be capable of taking punishment for years to come. A good footrest to improve posture and overall just a stylish design are equally important. Set your budget, cover these bases and you are well on your way to finding the best guitar chair for you.

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