Top 10 Dynamic Vocal Mics for Live & Home Recording

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Recording electric guitar – You can alter the way your microphone captures the sound by making adjustments to its position. If you’re recording an electric guitar amp, there are a couple of standard guidelines. Point the microphone at the center of the amp for a brighter sound; point it to the outside for a more mellow sound.

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Dynamic Microphone Buyers Guide

What Is A Dynamic Microphone?

There are often many misconceptions about what a dynamic mic is, and most often it is also confused with a USB condenser microphone. Both of these are however two vastly different products that are used for different purposes, and it’s important to know which does what to be able to buy a suitable product for your needs in the future. You will get the best results when combining the mics with their suitable surroundings, this will ensure you will only get the best output or recordings. To help straighten out this confusion, we did a small comparison of the two:

Dynamic vs Condenser Mic

A dynamic microphone is most often used to record vocals and sounds that come from amplifiers. They are most often the preferred mic for recording higher volume sounds and even percussive instruments; they work well with capturing sound like those of guitars, snare drums or vocals. A dynamic mic usually lasts an incredibly long time since there are virtually no parts to break and nothing that could really act up. This is one of the reasons these mics are able to withstand all kinds of accidents! These kinds of mics usually need you to be in close proximity and isolate all background noises and are not overly sensitive.

A condenser microphone is way more sensitive than the dynamic microphone and its frequency response is much, much greater. This means that it can very quickly reproduce the sounds made by either the instrument or vocals, the response in a dynamic mic isn’t nearly as fast. A condenser mic can usually be found in studios. They are fantastic for the immediate response they provide, but that means they are also way more sensitive to loud sounds- something a dynamic mic can cancel out.

See the study on Dynamic vs Condensers mics.

Can You Use A Dynamic Mic For Podcasting?

If you are looking to start a podcast and are searching for a suitable mic, you will be glad to hear that these kinds of mics are the best for that purpose! Especially if you are not in a fully sound-proof environment and have to record in a relatively noisy room. These mics will effectively cancel out any background noises and focus on your voice and on your voice only, taking it in as the only sound source, which makes for one of the best options for a podcasting mic.

A great example of what you can use a Dynamic Mic can be found in this study.

Do you need Phantom Power for a Dynamic Mic?

You do not need phantom power for this kind of mic, no. Usually, the misconception is that phantom power can actually damage it! Many instruction manuals warn against using the two together, however, if you have a dynamic mic in your hands that has been made in the past 30 years you should be fine if you don’t leave it exposed to phantom power for too long. Commonly phantom power is best used with condenser mics.

To find out exactly how the condenser mic works – click here.

Top Choice

Audio-Technica ATR2100Our Top Choice spot has to go to the Audio-Technica dynamic microphone, simply because it has a price that is neither overpriced nor underpriced and it is truly one of the best sound-wise. It is right in the middle of both worlds, and we think that’s a good thing! Especially since for the quality you get from the microphone, you could easily price this dynamic microphone much higher; it, however, remains at its good price and doesn’t cease to impress with its sound and durability.

It connects to your computer to encourage digital recordings and has a smooth frequency response, isolating any background noise. The cardioid pattern helps to reduce all the sounds that may be lingering around you, even within a noisy room, you will be surprised as to how well the ATR2100 can focus on one source of the sound and keep to it without any trouble. When it comes to reducing unwanted noises, Audio-Technica’s mic is one of the best in that area.

Thanks to all of the key features that a dynamic mic should include, the ATR2100 makes its way as our Top Choice product thanks to two aspects that make it one of the best products on the market:the perfect price and quality craftsmanship!

Premium Choice

Shure SM7B Although this is the most expensive dynamic microphone that we have on our list, there is no other way than to have it take the Premium Choice spot! If you regularly scout for good deals, most often of times you will be able to get this dynamic mic by Shure at least 20% off.

The robust construction of this mic ensures that you will be able to keep it within your arsenal of music gear for a long time; it has fantastic cartridge protection and you will be able to rely on this product for years to come without being disappointed by its durability- Shure is known to have some of the best mics when it comes to endurance and resilience to wear and tear. This is also a dynamic mic that unlike many other mics rejects any electromagnetic hums that could come from your computer, phone or other electronic devices that could interrupt the output.

Our Premium Choice spot simply has to be a product from Shure; this product has some of the best craftsmanship and the performance of this dynamic microphone cannot be easily rivaled!

Great Value

Pyle-Pro ProfessionalOur Great Value spot has to go to none other than one of Pyle’s best dynamic mics. You cannot get a better deal on the market; it is truly the most inexpensive mic out there and will allow you to still perform with great accuracy. It also produces quality sounds despite being cheaper than our other alternatives. It has no problem picking up either vocals, instruments or amplified sounds. It will reproduce the sound without any interference from other noises that could be lurking on the sides or in the background.

The integrated wind and pop filter allow you to have a worry-free experience with this mic, since you will not have to worry about the pops and clicks you could record during your vocal practices if you weren’t shielding your mic from your plosives. This seemingly simple feature makes Pyle one of the best contestants on the market.

Pyle’s mic earns our Great Value spot simply because it’s the most efficient and inexpensive mic out there that also provides you with great and faithful sound reproduction!

You can better understand microphones here.

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